Digital Thermostat 220V - Cooler/ Heater Control

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Detail Digital Thermostat 220V - Cooler/ Heater Control

Deskripsi Digital Thermostat 220V - Cooler/ Heater Control
Features :
A mini temperature controller
With large and clear LCD display for better readability
Wide temperature measuring range
High performance and durable housing
Heating and cooling control
Temperature calibration function
Delay protection function
Ex-factory parameters locking function after short circuit
Upper and lower limits of temperature can be set
Can be used for domestic freezer, water tanks, refrigerator, industrial chiller, bolier, steamer, industrial equipments and other temperature-controlled systems
Comes with temperature sensor probe

Instruction manual
1. Wiring diagram,
Binding Post 1/ 2: normally open contact of relay
Binding Post 3/ 4: connect to 12V power supply
Binding Post 5/ 6: after short circuit lock on default set, users cant change
Binding Post 7/ 8: connetct to temperature sensor
Note: load means heater or cooling plant

2. Electric Property
Range of temperature measurement: : -50~ 110
Range of temperature control: -50~ 110
Temperature measuring error: 0.5
Sensor Model no. NTC ( 10K/ 3435)
Control Accuracy: 1
Power Supply: 220V
Current on Relay Contact: AC 5A/ 220V
Data Storage: Yes
Working Temperature: 0~ 50
Storage Temperature: -10~ 60

NOTE : Hanya untuk control 1 parameter saja cooler atau heater tergantung setting diawal. Jika ingin yg cooler & heater terkontrol presisi silahkan lihat STC-1000.